Coronavirus Statement

We have made changes to times allowed to book in at Parcllwyd Cottage & Caravan and departure times to enable our cleaners time to clean and prepare the properties for the next guests.

Entrance is now from 16.00 hours onwards and Departure is no later than 9.00am.

We have placed dispensers with hand sanitizer next to the key safes and encourage guests to use this before unlocking the key safe.

We ask Guests to please observe social distancing where possible in the car park areas, guests for Parcllwyd Caravan are asked to park inside the gate, and guests for Parcllwyd Cottage are asked to park to the right of the steps for the foot path and not to block access to the Caravan for any reason.

All surfaces, door handles etc have been sanitized prior to guests going into the properties. When leaving guests are asked to wipe all surfaces and door handles before departing, anti bac sprays are provided. Prior to departure guests are asked to place all linen used into the laundry bags provided as this is being taken off site for washing etc, this is to help reduce the amount of times it is handled before being washed etc.

Applicable only for bookings where holiday periods fall within a timescale when Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are in place or the holiday area remains closed or offering greatly restricted facilities. Outside of these restrictions standard terms apply.

Where guests wish to cancel their booking or it is no longer possible for the holiday period to be offered, guests have the option of booking an alternative available date later in the year, or the following year subject to availability. A reduced balance or refund, where a balance has been paid in full, will be provided should the new holiday date chosen be cheaper than the original booking date, likewise, should the new holiday date be more expensive, guests will be required to pay the increased balance or the additional amount where a previous balance has been paid in full, in accordance with the standard balance due period (42 days prior to holiday commencement date). If an alternative date is not available or a refund is preferred, any monies paid excluding the initial deposit will be refunded on condition that your holiday period falls within the Coronavirus restrictions timescale. For cancellations requested for any other reason that may be related to the Coronavirus but falls outside of the restrictions, then the decision remains at the owner's discretion.