Conditions of Booking

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A deposit of £50.00 for a one-week booking and £80.00 for a two-week booking is required to secure any booking. This is non-returnable unless cancelled by welshselfcateringholidays. Full payment is required no later than 6-weeks prior to commencement of booking. Deposits are required within 10-days of provisional booking, deposits secure bookings. Pets are welcome in all our properties, owners are to keep pets under control and clear up behind them at all times. If booking is cancelled less than 6-weeks from date of visit the full balance remains due unless due to extenuating circumstances with agreement from owners. All bed linen, towels (bath, hand and tea-towels), gas and electricity are included within the prices quoted.

Cottage’s Heating – Please adhere to the individual cottage instructions for the heating. If you have any queries or problems use the numbers in the cottage to contact the owners. Anyone found to interfere with heating controls without permission of the owners will be forwarded any charges associated with it being corrected etc.

Parcllwyd Caravan has wet central heating, there are TRV’s on the radiators in the bedrooms, kitchen area and lounge which guests can alter to suit their requirements.

There are folders with details on appliance instructions located in the welsh dresser in the cottage and on the shelf under the television in the caravan. Wi-Fi is available please read our Policy in the Presentation folders in the properties, passwords can be found on the inside of the presentation folder. The speed of the Wifi can’t be guaranteed.

It is the responsibility of the person who is renting the holiday accommodation to ensure that no damage is caused to any fixtures and fittings including all furniture. If an accident occurs it is the person renting the holiday accommodation responsibility to report this to the owner either in writing, by telephone or completing the accident book provided. Any damage caused and not notified will result in additional charges being forwarded to the person/persons renting the holiday accommodation. If booking both properties for the same period for parties holidaying together, under no circumstances are any of the furniture/fixtures/fitting/utensils etc. to be removed from their respected properties.

Parcllwyd Cottage

Dogs are welcome to stay, they can be left for short periods unattended providing the lounge door is shut, downstairs dining room and kitchen are tiled. Dogs are allowed upstairs all we ask is that owners clear up behind them i.e. hoover as our cleaner only has limited time. Guests are asked to bring their own throws to protect seating areas in the lounge from dogs. We do not charge extra for dogs.

Parcllwyd Caravan

Dogs/pets may not be left in Parcllwyd Caravan unattended. Any damage or soils made by dogs/pets may incur an additional charge for the cleaning. If dogs are crated they can be left in all properties for short periods of time. Guests are asked to bring their own throws to protect seating areas from dogs, to prevent marks etc on the seats.


Owners of dogs/pets are requested to clear up behind their dogs/pets both inside and outside of the holiday accommodation. It is the responsibility of the owners of dogs/pets to keep them under control both inside and outside of the accommodation provided. The owners of the cottages do not accept any responsibility for other people’s animals.

All rubbish must be separated in accordance with instructions left in the property for recycling etc. Only non-recycle waste can be put in the grey sacks provided, only 1 sack can be used per week per property. Please note that if you do not follow instructions regarding disposal of waste you could incur a surcharge of £50.

On departure from the holiday accommodation you are asked to leave it in a clean and tidy state. If it is left in an unacceptable state an additional charge will be forwarded.

On the day of departure the person/persons renting the accommodation must vacate by the designated times. On departure you are asked to place all dirty linen and towels in the shower.

You are asked not to smoke in either accommodation, you are welcome to smoke in the gardens, but could you please clear up behind you. Please do not leave any litter lying around the gardens or car park areas. Access to Parcllwyd Caravan must not be blocked at anytime by guests staying in Parcllwyd Cottage.

Additional Notes

We will provide anti-bac sprays for cleaning surfaces whilst guests are staying in our properties, along with liquid soap in kitchens and bathrooms. Guests are to wipe all surfaces before leaving the accommodation and to leave windows open on departure. Guests are asked to bring their own throws to protect seating areas from dogs, any damage to seating areas may result in additional charges. Keys are to be left in the key safes. Guests staying in Parcllwyd Caravan are asked to park inside of the gate.

If you encounter any problems you can contact Parcllywd’s owners on the telephone numbers provided on the brochures and welcoming letters.

Times of Entry and Departure for the properties are as follows:

Entry to Cottage is 4.00pm on day of arrival, and exit by 09.00am on day of departure.

Entry to Caravan is 4.00pm on day of arrival, and exit by 9.00am on day of departure.

There is some flexibility for entry to the properties but departure times are strictly as stated.

I the undersigned have read and understood the conditions of booking and agree to abide by them.

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